In Which County Should I File My Florida Adoption Case?

Florida law provides a choice as to where prospective parents should file a case for termination of parental rights and adoption.  Generally, the adoption must be filed where (i) the child lives or (ii) the adoption entity, intermediary, or attorney for the prospective parents is located.

Which of these counties is chosen may be a strategic decision…

Though most prospective parents should not have a problem in any county so long as a preliminary home study has been conducted, the results were positive, waivers have been signed, and all other adoption conditions have been met, same sex partners and those in alternative lifestyles may have difficulty in certain counties.

The fact is that some Florida counties are more welcoming than others when it comes to same sex adoptions or the adoption of a partner’s child to become a legal second parent.

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To ensure that you choose the best venue for your adoption needs, make sure to consult with an adoption entity, intermediary, or attorney who is familiar with local attitudes regarding traditional and alternative adoption scenarios.

If you have questions regarding Florida adoption and you wish to speak with a Florida intermediary and adoption attorney, schedule a consultation with Adam B. Cordover by calling us at (813) 443-0615 or by filling out our contact form.

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