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Tampa Collaborative Divorce: Cordover Presenter at Training

On March 22, 2013, Tampa Bay attorney Adam B. Cordover led a discussion, along with Tampa Family Law Associate Administrative Judge Catherine M. Catlin, on Hillsborough County’s Collaborative Family Practice Law Administrative Order.  The panel took place at the 2013 … Continue reading

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Florida’s Defense of Marriage Act

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the rights of lesbian and gay individuals to marry partners of the same sex, and Florida’s laws may be affected.  Currently, same sex partners are not only prohibited from entering into marriage in Florida, … Continue reading

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Can a Filed Tampa Divorce Case Become Collaborative?

Collaborative divorce is becoming more well-known and more popular in Florida, and for good reason.  Discussions regarding custody schedules and division of assets take place in the private offices of collaborative facilitators, attorneys, or financial professionals rather than being battled in … Continue reading

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32 Year Old Man Legally Adopted

CNN has been reporting the story of Maurice Smith, a man who was adopted by his foster parents. Mr. Smith was an adult (32 years old) at the time of the adoption. Below is the video: As in this story, … Continue reading

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Summary of Florida Alimony Reform Bill

House Bill 231, which proposes broad-reaching changes to Florida’s alimony statute, has passed the Civil Justice Subcommittee.  It next goes to the House Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Committee provides the following summary analysis of HB 231: Alimony provides financial support … Continue reading

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If You Want a Legal Name Change in Florida, Know Thyself

Florida permits most people who want to change their legal name to do so, but there are some hoops to jump through. You must file a legal document, known as a petition, in the circuit court of the county in … Continue reading

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T. Boone Pickens: Collaborative Divorce Process Saved Me Millions

Collaborative divorce is a process that leverages the unique skills and talents of attorneys, financial professionals, and mental health professionals to keep private family matters out of the public arena of the courthouse, and famed billionaire T. Boone Pickens is … Continue reading

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