Divorce Statutes

Part I of Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes is the main legislation in Florida that deals with divorce (referred to in the statutes as “dissolution of marriage”), support, and time-sharing.  The Law Firm of Adam B. Cordover, P.A., presents links to Part I of Chapter 61 below:

61.001 Purpose of chapter.
61.011 Dissolution in chancery.
61.021 Residence requirements.
61.031 Dissolution of marriage to be a vinculo.
61.043 Commencement of a proceeding for dissolution of marriage or for alimony and child support; dissolution questionnaire.
61.044 Certain existing defenses abolished.
61.046 Definitions.
61.052 Dissolution of marriage.
61.061 Proceedings against nonresidents.
61.071 Alimony pendente lite; suit money.
61.075 Equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities.
61.076 Distribution of retirement plans upon dissolution of marriage.
61.077 Determination of entitlement to setoffs or credits upon sale of marital home.
61.079 Premarital agreements.
61.08 Alimony.
61.09 Alimony and child support unconnected with dissolution.
61.10 Adjudication of obligation to support spouse or minor child unconnected with dissolution; parenting plan.
61.11 Writs.
61.12 Attachment or garnishment of amounts due for alimony or child support.
61.122 Parenting plan recommendation; presumption of psychologist’s good faith; prerequisite to parent’s filing suit; award of fees, costs, reimbursement.
61.125 Parenting coordination.
61.13 Support of children; parenting and time-sharing; powers of court.
61.13001 Parental relocation with a child.
61.13002 Temporary time-sharing modification and child support modification due to military service.
61.13003 Court-ordered electronic communication between a parent and a child.
61.1301 Income deduction orders.
61.13015 Petition for suspension or denial of professional licenses and certificates.
61.13016 Suspension of driver’s licenses and motor vehicle registrations.
61.1354 Sharing of information between consumer reporting agencies and the IV-D agency.
61.14 Enforcement and modification of support, maintenance, or alimony agreements or orders.
61.16 Attorney’s fees, suit money, and costs.
61.17 Alimony and child support; additional method for enforcing orders and judgments; costs, expenses.
61.18 Alimony and child support; default in undertaking of bond posted to ensure payment.
61.181 Depository for alimony transactions, support, maintenance, and support payments; fees.
61.1811 Clerk of the Court Child Support Enforcement Collection System Trust Fund.
61.1812 Child Support Incentive Trust Fund.
61.1814 Child Support Enforcement Application and Program Revenue Trust Fund.
61.1816 Child Support Clearing Trust Fund.
61.1824 State Disbursement Unit.
61.1825 State Case Registry.
61.1826 Procurement of services for State Disbursement Unit and the non-Title IV-D component of the State Case Registry; contracts and cooperative agreements; penalties; withholding payment.
61.1827 Identifying information concerning applicants for and recipients of child support services.
61.183 Mediation of certain contested issues.
61.19 Entry of judgment of dissolution of marriage, delay period.
61.191 Application.
61.20 Social investigation and recommendations regarding a parenting plan.
61.21 Parenting course authorized; fees; required attendance authorized; contempt.
61.29 Child support guidelines; principles.
61.30 Child support guidelines; retroactive child support.
61.401 Appointment of guardian ad litem.
61.402 Qualifications of guardians ad litem.
61.403 Guardians ad litem; powers and authority.
61.404 Guardians ad litem; confidentiality.
61.405 Guardians ad litem; immunity.
61.45 Court-ordered parenting plan; risk of violation; bond.

Please note that these statutes are up-to-date as of the date of this posting (January 3, 2011).  However, as family law is an area that frequently changes, you may want to review the Florida Legislature’s website for the latest.


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